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your personal little protagonist.

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adorable puppy alert. [Jan. 15th, 2009|02:48 pm]
your personal little protagonist.
brian and i got a new puppy!

meet Boomer!

in the car after we picked her up:

first day home, being sweet and sleepy:

today - definitely more animated:

it's been a VERY long first week.  day one was wonderful - she was playful but very tired and cute and sleepy.  days 2 and 3 were terrible - biting, chewing, growling, etc.

since then, though, things have been great.  she has taken to us and is so sweet and loving, and very playful.  too bad it's so cold and snowy out - i want so badly to take her on some adventures.  the hair hasn't come in on her belly yet, and after only a few minutes she shivers and looks miserable.    come on, warm air, we want to go out and play!!!

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(no subject) [Dec. 7th, 2008|09:10 pm]
your personal little protagonist.
so i am not doing so good at keeping up with this journal.

but here i am.

i love fragments.  i am a such a hypocrite.

so.  shocker!  i am not pregnant.  hmmph.  must remedy this.  soon enough, i hope. everyone's all: JUST LET IT GO and it will happen.  good luck letting it go.  uhm, i'm TRYING to get pregnant.  shall i just think of my period as manna from heaven?  should i just ignore it altogehter and pretend it isn't there?  i think not.  period = no baby.  it will always be the truth.  and you can't ignore that.

so.  otherwise, all is well in the land of christie.  despite the dead mouse that brian found on the floor (thank god i did not see it), there have been no mice around (knock knock).  the house is all decorated and i am feeling especially christmas-y.  only two weeks of school until le break de christmas (i think i just mixed up french and spanish), and i am feeling optimistic about the next semester, especially because i will be teaching novel in leiu of public speaking, which is awesome because i need a new challenge, and public speaking is maybe the most difficult class to teach.  truly.  in novel, we are for sure reading catcher in the rye and lord of the flies, and possibly one flew over the cuckoo's nest and oliver twist. i would much rather teach great expectations, but, alas, we have no copies in our school and it "isn't out year" to buy new books.  blah.

i look forward to the next BIG SNOW so i can make the best. snowman. evar, as opposed to last year when i made the shoddiest. snowman. evar.

despite my particular distaste for harry potter, i am digging the harry potter marathon on abc family.  i was wrong abour harry potter.  he and his weasley friends (i made a pun, see?) aren't so bad after all.
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(no subject) [Nov. 9th, 2008|02:32 pm]
your personal little protagonist.
man, i am really frakking bored.

brian left today for yet ANOTHER trip, and though i'll admit that sometimes being home alone for a week is nice for things like cleaning/cooking/watching-whatever-i-want-on-tv, i'm utterly lonely today.

i decided to go for a walk/jog (okay, i only jogged for like 6 minutes) because i looooove jog/walking when it's cold outside, and because i had to drive to brian's office to get my iphone headphones, i decided to drive to the I&M Canal trail for my trip instead of going around the neighborhood.  so, yeah, i guess since the last time i've been there it's become the unofficial strip of man-eating dogs whose owners are anti-leashes.  man, as soon as i got there, this big dog started trying to chase me and his owner had NO COMMAND over him whatsoever.  after i started walking, the dog ran up to me at least three times.  i was sure he was going to rip a piece of my calf off.  sheesh.  THEN, later on i crossed paths with a scruffy nature-looking dude and his unleashed rottweiler.  this owner had the sense to stop, move to the side of the trail and hold his dog by the collar until i passed, though, which was nice.

i was probably out there for about 40 minutes, and once you get about a mile into the trail past the silica sand gigantoid building, the scenery starts getting pretty. unfortunately, the cold was made less tolerable by the rather high winds, and my ears were numb (despite my bandana-turned ear muffs - i couldn't find my hat) when i got here, so i turned around. 

canal getting pretty

i look like aunt jemima!  only in teal :)

in other news, i got a hair cut!

this was taken in the morning and i know i kindof look like poo, but alas, there it is.  it looks even worse now that i went on a walk, sooooo this is probably then best it will ever look!  :)

i think i'll spend of the rest of the day finishing up some sewing projects that got abandoned after sschool began.... sigh.  i want my husband to be home to hang out with me! :(

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(no subject) [Oct. 14th, 2008|08:44 pm]
your personal little protagonist.
i love my cat.

i love how her tail catches my glance and sometimes i think it's a mouse, but am overjoyed when i realize that it's her.  chase, the once-kitten who walked up my apartment steps as i was moving out and mewed at my feet.

i don't like keeping my sister's cat while she is gone.  lucy is mean and hisses and yelps at chase and makes her run away.  i want to send lucy back to her empty house to live alone, yet i don't.  i just want us to all be happy together.  and i want chase to still feel like my little cuddlefish, because she is.
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(no subject) [Sep. 25th, 2008|06:33 pm]
your personal little protagonist.
brian sent this to me at work today:

how sweet.

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(no subject) [Sep. 15th, 2008|08:34 pm]
your personal little protagonist.
okay, secretlifeof_em reminded me of something funny that happened today.

i ate a huge chocolate chip cookie today at like 10:30 am, so i wasn't really hungry at our 11:10 lunch hour.  ahem.  our 11:10 lunch half hour.

anywho, my prep period is fouth (we're on block schedule, so it's the last period of the day), and i knew i could hold out till then.  so, at about 2:15, my tummy starts growling, and i heat up a big bowl of chicken noodle soup to eat as i grade papers in my room.  i finish the soup just before the kids start coming in and the first girl to walk into homeroom says, quite assuredly, "it smells like chicken noodle soup in here."

i was all: YEAH! 

then, as every other student entered, the weirdest thing happened.  each of them commented on (without knowing anyone else had commented) the smell, but each person was VERY specific.

"ms jones, it smells like beef stroganoff in here!"
"ew, it smells like chicken fajitas in here."
"what is that smell?  beef and noodles?"
"it smells like broccoli casserole in here."

how strange that they all thought it was something different!  i like it.  i shall perhaps play the "what's that smell" game with them every B day from now on.  it was quite fascinating.  lessons in the olfactory system, with ms jones.

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(no subject) [Sep. 15th, 2008|08:24 pm]
your personal little protagonist.
bah.  had day from hell.  well, the actual day wasn't terrible, but i didn't get home until 7:30 pm (left this morning at 5:30) because i stayed late at school to grade papers, went to the gym (huzzah!) and went to the g-store.

wah wah wah.

i'm just kinda tryin' to let my hur down and relax...  seems like i've not much to say.  *whistles and walks away*
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me = nice [Sep. 8th, 2008|07:28 pm]
your personal little protagonist.

i decided that i'm going to do something super nice tomorrow.

tonight i went over to the grandparents house for dinner (they promised to feed me every night that brian is gone on business this week), and my grandma had used the very last rhubarb of the season to make three individual delicious rhubarb pies.  NOW, you must know that rhubarb pies are by and large my most FAVOURITE PIES EVAR IN THE WHOLE WORLD.  my grandma and i split one of them for dessert, and she gave me one to take home.

i pretty much want to eat it right now even though i am full, BUT i decided that i am going to give it to my mentor teacher from last year tomorrow at school instead!

YEAH!  she's gonna love it!

in other news, nothing is new.  i am trying to muster up a new sewing project, but with the school year in full gear, there's just not a lot of time.

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(no subject) [Sep. 2nd, 2008|07:26 pm]
your personal little protagonist.
i think cooking shows are a legitimate addiction.

i have spent somewhere in the vicinity of HUNDREDS OF HOURS watching alton brown, rachel ray (despire my serious distaste for her), giata, bobby, ina, and countless other culinary geniuses sweating over a hot stove while i sit comfortably in my living room, gawking, mouth watering, and only TWICE have i ever attempted anything i've seen on any of those shows.  don't get me wrong, i can dig the culinary scene.  i know all the buzz-words and how to construct them, but i rarely use them.  tonight i made a chicken alfredo pizza with canned light alfredo sauce, packaged pre-cooked italian chicken, store-bought pizza crust, and packaged mozzarella.  the only remotely "culinary" about the experience was sauteeing some garlic sprinkle atop.

hello, my name is christie jones and i'm a cooking show addict/culinary failure.
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finshed purse [Aug. 30th, 2008|05:47 pm]
your personal little protagonist.
hey y'all.

you may remember the dilemma i was having with the collaged faux leather effect.  thanks for all of your input.  i actually ended up combining the two, per suggestion by starbreaker85  to use a variety of differing width pieces that were all the same length.  it came out pretty well, though there are definately flaws (explained under the cut).  here's the final product!


The main fabric is a very dark, soft denim.  I used a fusible, very sturdy interfacing on all all denim parts with the exception of the pocket.  The detailing is a pale yellow fabric that seems like faux leather, very malleable and relatively thin.  I ended up collaging the pieces on using fbric glue; i tested it early on and found that it wouldn't budge - the only way the pieces would come off is if you very forcefully ripped them.

i had a lot of problem making this, as i wasn't using a pattern; i just tried to figure out how my favourite queen bee purse was put together.  it turned out exactly how i wanted it to, but i made MANY mistakes and broke four denim needles when sewing the strap on.  i'm going to try and alter the pattern so that i won't be totally ripping off queen bee's design, but as it stands i am pretty happy with the finished product.

thanks for viewing!  <3
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